Personal Web Helper

Personal Web Helper 3

Small application for storing passwords and web-form information

Personal Web Helper is a useful tool for storing all your internet related data such as passwords, credit card numbers, addresses and phone numbers, so you don’t need to remember them every time you have to fill a form.

This program stores all this information at a local folder in your personal computer, so there is no risk of your information being shared unintentionally with third parties or spies.

Personal Web Helper also features a set of tools for web cleaning that will help you erase web related files such as cookies, history files and lists, location bar history list, Internet cache, temporary Internet files, auto complete form history list, auto complete password history list and most traces left by your activities on-line.

The program supports Internet Explorer 5. 0 or higher and most browsers based on the Internet Explorer engine. Personal Web Helper is a useful tool for people who surf the internet often and want to protect their computer from information loss risks.

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